Beverley Browne

Beverley Browne was the first chief justice of Nunavut and served 10 years in that role before becoming a member of the Queen’s Bench of Alberta in 2009. She continued to serve as a deputy justice until her retirement and led meetings aimed at revitalizing the elders’ program in the Nunavut Court of Justice, a program she had initiated. Her professional achievements include spearheading a Nunavut law school, developing the law and building a superior court.

Justice Browne founded the Restorative Justice committee, which was renamed Wîyasôw Iskweêw, the spirit name given to her by Cree Elders during a blanket ceremony shortly before her passing. While there is no direct translation, it conveys the idea of “Woman standing with the law”.

The Edmonton Community Foundation has established the Justice Beverley Browne Memorial Fund, which will support Indigenous students pursuing post-secondary education.