Contact: Nicole Chouinard, Manager, RCMP Support, Victim Services & Restorative Justice
T: 780-788-4211


Current/Actively taking Referrals from the Justice System

Length of Service
5 years

Geographic Area Served
Lakeland Region

Age Restrictions

Service Provision Restrictions

Types of referrals accepted
Experience with charges including assaults against the person, property crimes; administration of justice, assault peace officer. Most cases will be considered, except for impaired driving, drugs, murder, manslaughter.

Take Referrals for Serious Offences
We do accept domestic and family violence cases. We currently do not accept cases that deal with sexual assault or sex based offences.

Victim Involvement
While victim participation is always preferred we can utilize restorative processes that do not require victim participation.

General administrative process for handling referrals
Referrals can be discussed prior to being officially made with the program

What forms are required?
Adults and youth have unique referral forms and also consent forms that need to be completed prior to clients beginning the program.

General info re: time to adjudicate RJ process
Each case is unique and the information provided back would depend on where the referral came from. Referrals from the courts or RCMP are provided with regular updates as to the timeline and completion of restorative processes and subsequent agreements.

Other information provided to referrer
Regular updates will occur with referring body

Case closure reporting
Case closure reporting depends on where the referral has come from and what the clients have consented too. Again court stakeholders and RCMP would be provided with the most details; receiving a detailed case report upon client completion.

Capacity to take on additional referrals
We are equipped to field all referral we receive and will let referrers know if we cannot except clients at any given time

Most of our facilitators are volunteers from our partner agencies and programs.

Facilitator Training Requirements
All of our facilitators are trained by the International Institute of Restorative Practices as well as being certified peacemaking circle facilitators. Mental Health First Aid training is provided as well. Facilitators are also provided with a variety of training and workshops around various socio-economic issues so that they have an understanding of why people come into contact with the justice system. We have experience dealing with complex cases including assault. And domestic and family violence.

Prosecutions Office Region
Slave Lake Prosecutions Office