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Current/Actively taking Referrals from the Justice System

Length of Service
Kainai Peacemaking Program (KPP) has been in operation for approximately 13 years and serving the Blood Tribe community and its members.

Geographic Area Served
Cardston, Fort Macleod, Lethbridge and on occasion KPP has served other areas within Southern Alberta.

Age Restrictions
KPP serves both Adults and Youths.

Service Provision Restrictions
Participants must be a Blood Tribe member or may be the spouse of a Blood Tribe member.

Types of referrals accepted
KPP accepts referrals for low level, minor risk offences including minor assaults, minor thefts, property offences, fraud under $5000.00, break and enter, common assault including domestic violence in certain situations.

Take Referrals for Serious Offences
KPP will not take referrals for sexual assaults, murder or impaired driving, although KPP may be available to offer assistance and guidance to any individual, and regardless of the offence charged. There may be situations where KPP may be utilized to gather information which may be relevant to sentencing and, for instance where the accused has applied for a “curative discharge” on a drinking and driving offence.

Victim Involvement
It is KPP’s preference to have victim participation, but where the other party is not willing to participate, we can still deal with client and assist him with developing skills that would assist in building improved family and community relationships.

General administrative process for handling referrals
All communication regarding referrals and reporting is done through the courts via monthly adjournments and communication with the Crown, lawyers, Native Counseling/Court-Workers, Duty Counsel and the Judge etc.

What forms are required?
Intake Referral, Settlement Agreement, Outcome/Agreement Form, Closure Memo

General info re: time to adjudicate RJ process
In most cases, our clients usually complete the KPP within 4-6 months.

Case closure reporting
Once client has completed all KPP recommendations, a letter is written to reflect his or her completed recommendations and submitted to the Crown or representative and in some cases their lawyer.

Capacity to take on additional referrals
Currently we continue to be open to referrals for Blood Tribe members based on our guidelines and mandate.

Our peacemaking model is based on traditional Kainai peacemaking traditions, customs and protocols.

Facilitator Training Requirements
Our Elder advisors did the training for peacemakers and staff and do periodic refresher courses. We also had training provided by the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society. Our peacemakers and staff take courses and workshops on issues relevant to the work they do such understanding opioid use and addiction, drug addiction, prevention of family violence, and understanding the effects of trauma.

Prosecutions Office Region
Calgary Prosecution Services