JoAnne Yellowhorse/Coordinator

Current/Actively taking Referrals from the Justice System

Length of Service
18 years

Geographic Area Served
No geographic restrictions, but must be a member of the Siksika Nation

Age Restrictions

Service Provision Restrictions
One participant (victim or offender) must be a member of Siksika Nation; the other party does not have to be a Siksika member nor indigenous.

Types of referrals accepted
Referrals can come from anywhere; criminal & family courts, schools, Victim Services, Administration Dept. We have received referrals from the Family Mediation department at the Calgary Court House. Charges successfully adjudicated include domestic violence, assault w/ a weapon , harassment, mischief, propert damage, etc.

Take Referrals for Serious Offences
Aiskapimohkiiks has not recently dealt with serious charges, ie. Sexual assault, assault with a weapon causing serious injury on advice of Prosecution service

Victim Involvement
Victim participation is not required but is welcome in the elders’ mentoring process.

General administrative process for handling referrals
Referrals can be discussed prior to being officially made with the program

What forms are required?
Referral forms are sent out to those requesting to refer a client.

General info re: time to adjudicate RJ process
Referral needs to indicate whether the session is to be a mediation or elders mentoring, if there is court involved and when relevant court dates. Timeframe is worked out on a case by case basis, but the process is usually one year in length.

Other information provided to referrer
Once session is completed the referrer is notified. Aiskapimohkiiks keeps files open for one year from the time of referral. A follow up with clients is conducted after three months, six months and a year from referral date. After the three months follow up with clients a letter is sent to the referrer to give them an update on their clients. If lawyers are still involved with their clients then a letter of update is sent to them after each follow up.

Case closure reporting
After a year, client files are closed. A letter of completion is sent to the clients and the lawyers. Follow ups with clients are done to ensure that the clients are continuing with what was agreed to in their sessions, ie. Counseling, anger management, addictions treatments. Copies of these letters are then sent to the referrer along with the Aiskapimohkiiks letter of completion.

Capacity to take on additional referrals
Additional referrals can be taken on as long as they do not violate our strict code of confidentiality and that the procedure followed by Aiskapimohkiiks is respected and recognized as this is a unique Siksika model.

We pay our resource personnel, elders and mediators, honorariums per session

Facilitator Training Requirements
All of our elders and mediators have completed mediation training which is conducted by an agency from Edmonton The tribunal members along with the elders have completed arbitration training.

Prosecutions Office Region
Drumheller Prosecutions Office