Current/Actively taking Referrals from the Justice System

Length of Service
Over 20 years

Geographic Area Served
Calgary and Region

Age Restrictions

Service Provision Restrictions

Types of referrals accepted
Currently, CJHS is accepting referrals from Adult/Youth Probation as post sentence measures, and the City of Calgary Gateway Initiative as a diversionary measure. The Gateway Initiative is a partnership between the Calgary Police Service and City of Calgary Neighbourhoods, providing diversion opportunities for youth between the ages of 12 & 17 who have committed minor offences to take responsibility for their actions. The program uses Victim Offender Dialogue (VOD) and Crime Impact Sessions (CIS). We are well situated to facilitate processes as a post plea pre-sentence measure in addition to post sentence and diversion.

Take Referrals for Serious Offences
CJHS facilitators have experience facilitating restorative justice processes for all criminal matters with the exception of sexual violence

Victim Involvement
Victim participation is sought whenever possible and the VOD process is used. If victim particiaption is not possible but the offender takes responsibility, then CIS can be used.

What forms are required?
 Referral forms are found on the Calgary John Howard Society website; contact info for victim and offender, police informaton including charges, collateral contacts including lawyers, probation etc., relevant court dates

General info re: time to adjudicate RJ process
The average time for a restorative process is 10 weeks however this is dependent on the availability of the participants and current covid protocols. Efforts are made to proceed as cautiously as necessary and as quickly as possible.

Other information provided to referrer
Regular updates will occur with referring party

Case closure reporting
A summary of the process would be provided to the court upon completion of the process. The summary would include a high-level summarization of the meeting, level of participation, and the reparation agreement.

Capacity to take on additional referrals
At this time, court referrals will be prioritized and as more capacity is required, we will seek to increase capacity as funding allows.

Currently, one fulltime staff who is available to facilitate RJ services. We are looking at building capacity through using volunteers.

Facilitator Training Requirements
Mandatory training includes crisis management, First Aid, Cultural Awareness, Self Harm, diversity training, FASD training, and are all trained in the Alberta Family Wellness Brain Story. In addition, each staff person has completed the five pillars of the CJHS practise framework including restoration and transformation, cultural respect and inclusion, harm reduction, natural supports & social inclusion, and trauma informed. Facilitators have conflict resolution certificates, multi party and circle training in addition to intensive experiential hands on training from seasoned RJ practitioners

Prosecutions Office Region
Calgary Prosecutions Office