Gloria Braithwaite


Current/Actively taking Referrals from the Justice System

Length of Service
Over 15 years

Geographic Area Served
Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding areas (Lamont, Chipman, Brudheim, Red Water, Gibbons, etc.)

Age Restrictions
Youth; Adults

Service Provision Restrictions

Types of referrals accepted
Summary; non-serious indictable (theft, harrassment, bullying, conflict, mischief, vandalism, etc.)

Take Referrals for Serious Offences

Victim Involvement

General administrative process for handling referrals
Initial Intake Call, Initial Meeting, Conference, Closing Meeting

What forms are required?
Consent Form, Agreement Form

Other information provided to referrer
Updates are provided to referrer if unable to reach participants or if any other charges or updates come up that the referrer should be aware of

Case closure reporting
A closing letter is provided to the referrer(s) with general info re: the outcome of the referral. Referrers are able to contact agency if they have any questions or updates.

Capacity to take on additional referrals
Agency has capacity to take on an increased number of referrals.

Paid staff and volunteers

Facilitator Training Requirements
Restorative Justice 101; Restorative Justice Conference Training; ASSIST Training; Trauma Informed Disclosure Training

Prosecutions Office Region
Fort Saskatchewan Prosecutions Office